About us:

Pronounced pan-jee-aah, the word PANGEA is a neologism created from two ancient Greek words; pan meaning 'all, entire or whole' and gaea meaning 'earth or land.' The words taken together mean whole earth, all lands or entire earth.  We chose the name because we believe it epitomizes our thinking.  We recognize that while political boundaries create international separation, technology has unified the whole earth in a manner that makes the continents appear to fit harmoniously together as one.  We care for families around the world and recognize that economic and geopolitical shifts will have some impact on the lives of the different family members whom we serve. We don't claim to know everything that is happening at all times around the world, however we are diligent to keep watch and ask questions of our international partners. 


PANGEA Private Family Offices is foremost a family wealth strategy firm serving first & second generation creators of significant wealth, and their families, with independent thinking that redefines their wealth experience.  We specialize in resolving complex family wealth issues for enterprising global families with thoughtful guidance and insider perspective. Our purpose is to help global families flourish for generations.

Founded by the former Director of Private Wealth Planning from one of Canada’s leading private banks, our firm is guided by accomplished senior leaders with decades of specialized expertise and a passion for putting people first. Our private firm is purposely designed to care intimately for a select group of global families with whom we share similar values. Our model will not accommodate hundreds of families as there are only small groups of certain people we are meant to serve.

We believe that wealth transcends dollars and decimals to also include the human elements of personal well-being, family intellectual capital and family & community legacy. To actualize our purpose to help global families flourish for generations, we engage our proprietary Family Circle of Wealth™ process concurrently drawing on the strength of our team of professional associates both domestic and abroad.  Members of our team specialize in the quantitative elements of family wealth strategy management and others in the qualitative elements. Where appropriate for a family’s wealth strategy, we draw on our relationships with some leading North American, European & Asian institutions. 

Headquartered in Canada’s financial capital (one of the world’s most stable financial markets) at First Canadian Place in Toronto, our team of professional associates are thought leaders who have worked with some of the world’s most prominent families as well as some of the most private. We have been invited to share our thought leadership insights at Family Office conferences in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Paris, France. In June 2014, we were invited to attend the European Families in Business Awards gala in Barcelona, Spain where we celebrated the top award to the Rubin family of the Pentland Group plc, UK.  In March 2015, we were invited to attend the Family Wealth Report Awards Gala in New York City where we celebrated with Canadian family offices short-listed to receive awards at the international event.