What our clients were looking for that we deliver

Qualitative expectations

Our clients view the qualitative reasons for partnering with us as more essential to a successful long-term relationship compared to the quantitative reasons. Tax avoidance, portfolio construction, variance drain, internal rate of return, price per key. These activities primarily focus on the numbers. And while quantitative analytics are important, they only consider half of the family picture. Some professionals argue that the other half of the picture – the qualitative elements – matter more to long term family success than the numbers driven structures that are put in place. Qualitative elements will include family communication skills development, family governance, working with a wealth psychologist, making use of concierge services to create time and retaining the services of a health coach to increase energy and longevity. While not an exhaustive list, the aforementioned qualitative services are vital to helping the family thrive. The families with whom we partner with are usually intensely private and so discussions about internal family conflict and personal insecurities are approached respectfully and meaningfully, with professional guidance.

Confidentiality, trust and independence

Confidentiality, trust and independence are the primary reasons clients choose PANGEA Private Family Offices. We are a privately held firm, meaning we have unrestricted liberty to provide un-biased advice guided by decades of experience and insider perspective – making us our clients’ most valued advisory group. Client information sharing is restricted to approved parties and is done only with the authorization of our client even when information is shared among members of our client’s Wealth Strategy Team. Our clients find us mainly from within our own private network and therefore share similar family values, strong community involvement and a yearning for personal growth. Our clients highly value our independent position because of the candor that it affords in communication and the allegiance it fortifies to the family’s best interest. We’ve eliminated conflicts of interest by centralizing decision making authority within the family’s thought leadership council/Board of Advisors who are loyal to the family. Furthermore, we’ve separated the strategy from the sale thereby putting the decision making control back into the hands of the family. While we may not be the first to provide breaking news or may not always arrange investments with the highest return rates, our purpose in the relationship is to deliver the most appropriate advice to your family after careful consideration of the available facts.

Accessibility and availability

Ongoing, timely communication with daily access to the family’s dedicated Family Wealth Executive ensures that we are available when needed. Our proprietary 5 phase, Family Circle of Wealth process includes regular face to face progress reviews at a location preferred by the family. In addition, we leverage video or teleconference technology to communicate internationally and domestically with our families. We are always available to meet at the client’s discretion.


Quantitative expectations

Cost efficiency and financial performance

Cost efficiency and financial performance are very important to the families we serve. Our families regularly receive a statement of cash flows for their family office as well as consolidated performance reporting. The big picture view of family wealth is important to our clients and so our performance reporting covers corporate, personal and trust assets including but not limited to: private equity positions, stock market investments, real estate portfolios, stock options, alternative investment holdings and passion investment holdings i.e. wine, art, numismatics et. al.

PANGEA Private Family Offices operation as a multi-family office service provider positions us to leverage greater economies of scale allowing us offer preferential pricing to the families we serve on investment portfolio management, insurance solutions, financing rates and a variety of additional financial services and products. Our clients are generally accredited investors and so qualify to access private deal flow not usually available to the general public. The private deals we consider deliver attractive returns not customarily available to the unsophisticated investor.

We recognize that a family’s overall target return range for all assets requires a different approach to the conversation than general discussions about annual performance numbers of stock market indices. Knowing this renders market index benchmarking obsolete in the context of the family’s unique family wealth strategy objectives. Our sophisticated clients recognize that a myopic focus on return rate alone is akin to stumbling around with only one eye open.

At PANGEA Private Family Offices, managing financial performance considers more than rates of return. Our process also includes containment of investment management fees, credit and insurance audits, fiscal leakage measures, tax mitigation structures (both corporate & personal) and asset preservation strategies all of which have a direct impact on big-picture financial performance.