Becoming a client

Become a client in any of the following 5 ways:

An invitation to PANGEA Private Family Offices may be extended by any member of our team to select invitees. Invitees will be provided with a pass code to access our website.
Current clients of PANGEA Private Family Offices, refer prople from their private circle to us. Shared values connect PANGEA Private Family Offices to those referred.
On occasion, our professional associates determine that an existing client of theirs may value the PANGEA Private Family Offices offering and so arranges an introduction.
We regularly receive requests from people seeking to access our services. PANGEA Private Family Offices responds appropriately to all requests.
Our Pro Bono program is designed to give back to communities where we operate. We dedicate time to assist families in need who could not access our professional services by other means. These clients are either referred to us, contact us via our website or are invited by someone on our team.

Family Office Target Operating Cost: 1 and 10 in year 3

We’ve designed a transparent fee structure that’s clearly understood. Generally the cost to operate a family office ranges between 1% and 3% of total assets. Our model considers two components in the compensation structure: 1) operation and 2) performance. Our declining cost model see year 3 costs as the lowest of the first three years of operation.  Year 1 costs inlude fees to establish the family office and retain your team of professionals for strategy design and phase one implementation.  Year 2 costs include phase two implementation and strategy reviews.  In year 3 and beyond the primary activity is oversight and ongoing strategy refinement.

Our 1 and 10 in year 3 structure allocates 1% of total assets to family office operating cost and a 10% performance driver for increases in asset value as a result of our discussions. The operating cost is generally determined annually (but doesn’t often change) and is typically paid in quarterly installments. To ensure our clients regularly receive the most value for the retainer rendered annual reviews include fee adjustments, where necessary, to reflect changes in the family’s wealth strategy for the upcoming management year. We recognize that no two families are the same and so each family should have a customized retainer arrangement that reflects their unique situation.

Our retainer structure is based on the big-picture financial & family complexities we need to manage. As a starting point, we calculate the real costs to administer your financial affairs with your current advisors. We then compare your current cost to your aspirations and our retainer structure based on total assets. Adjustments are assessed based on the time commitment & complexity involved in managing your Family Wealth Strategy. Our compelling value proposition, and commitment to reduce management expenses over time, highlight the superior value clients receive with us when compared to the amounts they were already paying to oversee their wealth affairs elsewhere.