Our unique offering

We distinguish the PANGEA Private Family Offices offering in three critical ways:

1. Transformational philosophy and a distinct approach to family wealth oversight that heightens transparency
2. Open architecture platform to access a broader spectrum of wealth solutions and a global professional network
3. Deeper, more meaningful discovery methodology that considers both quantitative & qualitative family fundamentals

1. Our transformational philosophy and distinct approach: Invest in family and community first

Our transformational philosophy is simple and clear – invest in family and community first.  Then, explore private opportunities and lastly look to the public financial markets. We appreciate the benefits of direct control over family capital and recognize that as capital is placed further outside the core family network that direct family control decreases. Our experience tell us that as family control increases over an investment, generally, returns also increase.

With this philosophy in mind, our distinct approach to capital deployment is systematic. First, we evaluate investment opportunities with a high degree of direct family control, then we consider investment opportunities with lower direct family control. Systematically investing family capital with this approach means we consider the best interest of the family first with an eye on appropriate investments for the family’s wealth strategy. Deployment into investment opportunities that are conducive to a high degree of family control over a majority of deployed capital is our aim.