Our deeper, more meaningful discovery methodology considers both quantitative & qualitative family fundamentals

Orchestrated by your Family Wealth Executive, you can expect a human approach to our discover & dream conversation. Your Family Wealth Executive is a strategist, not a sales person, so you confide in them as they get to know you and your family better than any of your current advisors. Joining the second half of the session will be hand selected professionals to facilitate the family discovery session with all members of your family – which may include multiple generations. We invite you to be open, creative, realistic and curious during the dream exploration exercise as we help you articulate your family’s objectives.

As we build and partner with you to oversee your private family office, we assemble a team of advisors from our private network to shepherd your documented family wealth strategy. To design and counsel on the quantitative and technical elements of a family’s wealth strategy, the Wealth Strategy Team will comprise of CAs, JDs, LL.Bs, CFAs, Ph.Ds, CFPs, MBAs, TEPs and FEAs among other professionals.


Tax avoidance, portfolio construction, variance drain, internal rate of return, price per key. These activities primarily focus on the numbers. And while quantitative analytics are important, they only consider half of the family picture. Some professionals argue that the other half of the picture – the qualitative elements – matter more to long term family success than the numbers driven structures that are put in place. Qualitative elements will include family communication skills development, family governance, working with a wealth psychologist, making use of concierge services to create time and retaining the services of a health coach to increase energy and longevity. While not an exhaustive list, the aforementioned qualitative services are vital to helping the family thrive.

Our position is that both the quantitative and qualitative elements are equally important and demand appropriate attention. To appreciate the importance of effectively orchestrating the qualitative family office elements, James E. Hughes Jr. says the following about family governance, “To successfully preserve its wealth, a family must agree to create a system of representative governance through which it actively practices its values. Each successive generation must reaffirm its participation in that system of governance. Because a family is, by definition, two or more individuals, any decision made by a family must involve joint decision making. Joint decision making expresses a system of governance. Recognizing that joint decision making is a form of governance is one of the fundamental first steps in wealth preservation.”

Effective family governance is a substantial responsibility, that we believe trumps asset allocation in priority. If the family is falling apart, no portfolio on the efficient frontier will resolve the family conflict. No risk-adjusted or absolute return rate will increase the success rate of a family values transfer to the next generation. Without a strong family at the core, the wealth that surrounds them may, in some cases, be a curse rather than a blessing. A true private family office possesses the awareness, competency and time to manage these qualitative factors for the benefit of the family.

At PANGEA Private Family Offices our purpose is to help global families flourish for generations.